MTAG calls on on Federal Government to Investigate Rising Hydro Costs


OTAG and Hydro



The Honourable Tony Clement
Minister of Industry


We would like the Minister responsible for the competition bureau to investigate the Province of Ontario 7 billion Samsung deal. Many residents believe that this deal will be a defacto wind power monopoly and some allege that Canadian companies have been unfairly shut out of the bidding process. Many are concerned that at a 30% rate of return on their investment, Canadian residents will be forced to transfer 9 billion in wealth and jobs outside Canada at the expense of Canadian energy producers. Hydro costs in Ontario are expected to double and this will hurt the international competitiveness of manufacturers at a time when the value of the dollar is so high.


The Honourable Jim Prentice
Minister of the Environment


We would like to ask if there are any plans for a National Waste to Energy Program. It has been reported we currently pay 5-8 cents per kilowatt hour, but energy from wind costs 40-50 cents and 80.2 cents for solar or 15 times the current rate. Some say that a waste to energy project is viable at 14 cents per kilowatt hour which is much less than wind & solar. It is interesting to note that President Bill Clinton has been pushing the waste to energy industry as part of the solution for a high unemployment rate.


It just seems that the environment would be the first to benefit from an end to land fills. We recognize that this is a Provincial issue, but there is need for the Federal Government to take a leadership role when significant national interests are involved. Reducing the carbon foot print from land fills methane gas and the number of trucks picking up garbage from 3 to 1 will reduce our carbon foot print.


The Honourable Rona Ambrose
Minister of Public Works and Government Services


Would you be interested in putting out an RFP for waste to energy companies to supply steam to heat Federal Government buildings? Some believe that this will reduce the need for land fills while also helping the environment by reducing the carbon foot print from methane gas. Such an RFP will of course be subject to meeting all Onatrio and City regulations.


CC: Ontario Minister of Energy, Ontario Minister of Environment, Mayor of Ottawa




Ade Olumide