Changing Canadian High Value Sole Sourcing Laws - “Response from Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty”


Thank you for your correspondence regarding the need for a national strategy to ensure integrity within procurement.


I can assure you that Ontario’s procurement policies support integrity in procurement. They are governed by the fundamental principles of fairness, openness, transparency, value for money and geographic neutrality. These principles are echoed in national and international trade agreements that cover almost all public sector entities across Canada. Ontario, like all other provinces and the federal government, submits annual trade reports to the Internal Trade Secretariat demonstrating our compliance with these procurement obligations.


In Ontario, our policies also ensure controllership and accountability for public money throughout the procurement process by defining responsibilities of individuals and organizations in each stage of the procurement process — by seeking to avoid conflict of interest, both real and perceived, during the procurement process and ensuing contracts, and by ensuring procurement-related processes and decisions are performed in a consistent manner. Ontario ministries are frequently subject to compliance reviews of their procurement processes.


Be assured that this government will continue to ensure that our procurement policies and practices maintain this level of integrity. I understand that you have sent correspondence to ministries within the Ontario government regarding specific procurements, to which they will be responding directly.


Thank you again for writing. Please accept my best wishes.


Dalton McGuinty 
Premier of Ontario