OTAG Frustrated with Watson

Josh Pringle with Jason McIntyre
Sunday, January 9, 2011


Mayor Jim Watson is receiving a “C minus” for his work in the first 77 days since the October 25th municipal election.


The Ottawa Taxpayers Advocacy Group is accusing the new Mayor of breaking a promise, and hobbling the City’s waste and water management policy.


In a statement released Sunday, the group says its “greatest source frustration” is that Watson promised a Spending Control Summit before the next budget, which it claims would have guided staff in the implementation of “no new money.”


OTAG says the main goal of the summit is “breakout sessions for each department so that “costed services for each department can be prioritized by the public.”


OTAG also expresses frustration that it can’t set up a meeting with Watson to discuss the budget.

A special City Council meeting will be held on January 19th, when the 2011 City of Ottawa budget report will be tabled.


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