Comments on The Hydro File

From elected Members of Council across Ontario


"For your information this Council has invited the Minister of the Environment to meet with us to discuss concerns regarding industrial wind turbines and a transformer installation in our Township that are causing noise and emission concerns to nearby residents. The Minister has not accepted our invitation. It is a sad indictment of our Provincial Government that a Minister of the Crown will not meet with those directly affected by their decisions."


"I especially agree with the HST exemption on fact I put forward motions (passed by our council) asking for that very thing and asking other cities to join in" - North Bay


"Support your position 100%.. add...that the province support stand alone water/sewer treatment service a subdivision ...would save municipalities a fortune in pipes in the ground"- North Grenville


"I have very little faith in the Ontario Energy Board. Is ten percent enough of a cut?" - Meaford


"Waste to energy projects are extremely large scale and one or two projects could serve all of Ontario" - Collingwood


"The costs for the average home have gone out of control. The province has to wake up and for once listen to the people it is supposed to be serving" Innisfil Town


"There is a proposal for an industrial wind farm in our area, which is not going over very well. It is in a very bad location and I am not convinced that industrial wind turbines are efficient"- Cavan Monaghan


"During my door to door campaign many residents are complaining about the increasing cost of utilities" - Richmond Hill


"York Region has partnered with Durham Region to build an energy from wasteplant...cost to obtain Provincial approvals and complete the Environmental Assessment has been staggering" - Richmond Hill


"I strongly support solar and wind energy BUT believe that mcguinty and the boys have made some errors in judgement in their pricing structures. it happens when one wants immediate and measurable results and is using other peoples money to achieve that result" - King Township