2011 Scorecard for The New Council

1) Hydro Ottawa to provide a budget similar in format to the City's Water & Sewer budget, Cornwall buys hydro from Quebec, why can't Ottawa do the same, motion to remove PST from Hydro, motion to ask Hydro board to work towards a rate increase that does not exceed inflation. – 20%


2) Water, Transit Pass and other user fees do not rise more than 2.5% per year, NO storm water tax on rural dwellers, NO infrastructure levy. – 10%


3) That the Spending Control Summit before the 2011 budget (Watson campaign promise) be held on a Saturday and that Managers of each department be present. That the Summit be advertised at least 3 weeks before the event. Public to prioritize the 50 city departments at the Summit. Divide each dept. budget based on the top 50 services or products and list the top 10 costs for each service. Public to choose one or more depts. in the breakout sessions and prioritize services for that department. This information is needed to implement "No New Money". – 10%


3) Divide Transit departments to independent business unites so that they can operate as a 3Ps or outsourced i.e. heavy rail from outlying cities, LRT, general administration, transit stations, bus shelters, bus maintenance, bus operators, procurement and inventory, Para Transpo, vehicle fleet, O Train, office building maintenance, garage construction & maintenance, transit security. – 10%


4) City Management or Auditor General to determine if each department has about 25% in administration costs (Watson debate promise) e.g. research, recruitment, costing, reporting, communication, planning, billing, expenditure management, advertising, printing, stationary, promotional items, furniture, procurement, maintenance, cleaning, knowledge management, travel, hospitality, memberships, record keeping – 10%


5) "Initiate a comprehensive capital budget review to ensure clear and prudent financial planning, post economic stimulus funding" (Watson campaign promise). Link to Summit prioritization process based on the following criteria health critical, safety critical, legal risk, cost benefit analysis, funding partners, economic, quality of life, demography, implementation risk, deferral implications. – 10%


6) Intergovernmental Task Force to discuss binding arbitration process reform, hydro rates, waste to energy as an alternative to land fills, industrial waste, MPAC, social housing etc with federal and provincial governments. – 10%


7) Average compensation per person for civilians & uniformed personnel in the Police, Fire & Paramedic force? Increase the ratio of civilians in these departments (Watson debate promise subject to security risk to public per Chief). – 5%


8) Total compensation since amalgamation is up over 50%, benefits are up over 80%, but property tax, federal & provincial revenue is only up 30%. This 20% growth gap is unsustainable. Auditor General to determine why benefits are growing at twice the rate of salaries. – 5%


9) How many layers of management do we have at the City? Reduce the number of layers by 30% through attrition? – 5%


10) Implement monthly variance report (Watson debate promise), Top 50 Capital Projects, Overtime, Sick Leave, Consulting, Attrition Driven Changes etc – 5%


11) Replacing Performance Bonuses with an Employee Innovation Program that rewards employees if they have an idea that is implemented and saves money. – 5%


12) Other Watson Campaign Promises of Interest- 5%


"Implement an immediate hiring freeze on all but emergency service positions until after the budget process sets out a restrained financial course"

"Freeze salaries for senior managers for two years"


"Cut reliance on outside consultants by at least 10%" $5 million yearly savings per Watson target


"Cut the budget of the city for conventions, travel and hospitality by at least 20%" $50,000 in yearly savings per Watson.


"Cut overtime and absenteeism by 10% through stronger management and leadership" $2.7 yearly absenteeism savings target per Watson