Government Innovation Conference

The Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group (MTAG) is a non-partisan, grassroots organization focused on working with municipal governments across Canada to adopt best practices in financial management. We are pleased to present the Government Innovation Conference. Our keynote speaker is the former Ottawa Police Chief Vern White who raised $6 million dollars for drug treatment centres, he was recently appointed to the senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Senator White will speak on the long term sustainability of municipal police budgets, compensation and reducing the root cause of crime.  Canadian municipalities need bold innovative leaders, together let us encourage them to lead.  They need to know that you are interested, engaged and observing their willingness to put your interests before that of the status quo.  Please invite your family and friends to attend. 



The Ford Factor - Lessons for Canadian Municipalities a panel discussion
Nick Kouvalis, Principal Campaign Research & former Chief of Staff for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Nick Vandergragt, CFRA Talk Radio Host

Bob Plamondon, best-selling author of Blue Thunder, The Truth About Conservatives from MacDonald To Harper - Globe & Mail Columnist
Guy Giorno, Partner, Fasken Martineau, & former Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Stephen Harper


At MTAG, we view innovation as achieving better long term outcomes with less taxpayer dollars. The total debt for Canada, provinces, territories and cities and the government is about $1.1 trillion US. Toronto is spending less in 2012 than they did in 2011, Indianapolis saved about $400 million through managed competition for over 80 city services, New York likely has the best financial reporting system in North America, Stratford Fire Fighters were just awarded a 20% pay increase by a binding arbitrator, in London UK, job search and training is part of the social housing tenancy contract. What can we learn from other cities? Organizations like, MTAG need your support to make a difference.  There are no opposition parties at the municipal level and often this lack of accountability leads to complacency.   In 2010, at MTAG`s request, 27 cities including Cornwall and the some in the Greater Toronto Area passed a motion for Affordable Hydro which included a request for the HST to be removed from Hydro, a replacement of landfills with waste to energy and cancellation of the $7 billion untendered Samsung Hydro contract.


Our past activities include:


  • Zero Should Mean Zero Event
  • City Hall debate with 2 municipal Councillors
  • Initiated a Financial Summit at Ottawa City Hall
  • 2010 Electorate candidate cocktail
  • Spending Control Summit and "No New Money" were adopted by Mayor Jim Watson
  • Mayoral Debate for the 2010 Ottawa Elections
  • All Candidates Debate for the 2011 Provincial elections


Government Innovation Conference Brochure pdf