MTAG Applauds Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson & City Council for Setting Good Wi-fi Precedent for Canadian Municipalities


The City’s plan to ask the private sector to provide free Wi-fi at municipal buildings, ByWard Market Building, community centres, swimming pools, recreation buildings, buses, trains, parks and sports fields is an excellent idea to provide more services at reduced cost.


Cities across Canada, should try to double the amount of City services that are delivered by volunteers. RFP documents should also include volunteerism information by employees of contractors that do business with the City, while ensuring that conflict of interest rules are not violated.


Ottawa is also formalizing their P3 process to include roles and responsibilities for each city department, ongoing performance reports to Council and committee, whether terms and conditions are being met, partner's performance, early public consultation and a public sector comparator that would reveal the cost if the City went ahead alone.


This is good news, we naturally hope that;

  • post employment liability costs are included in the comparison
  • a business case analysis would occur for all capital projects that can generate over $5 million in yearly operating costs
  • contract negotiation will be done and vetted by people who have been involved in similar projects who can anticipate all the potential issues that can arise over a 20 year period


Ade Olumide


Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group


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