37 Cities Pass MTAG Motion on Hydro

Thirty-seven cities have already passed motions calling on the Province to remove HST on Hydro and ensure that any increase in rates does not exceed inflation. Many more have promised to pass similar motions when the new Council is elected.


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MTAG is requesting tougher laws for stronger sole sourcing.

OTAG City Watch - Ottawa Waterfront Campaign - March 25, 2013 at 8:30 p.m.

OTAG City Watch - Waterfront Ottawa Campaign Launch

Watch on Rogers TV Ottawa Experts

Monday, March 25, 2013 at 8:30 p.m.

Show Guest include:

Chris Henderson, President, Lumos Energy

John Campbell, President and CEO, Waterfront Toronto

Mark T. Brandt, Principal, Mark Thompson Brandt Architect & Associates Inc.

Gerry Lepage, Director Bank Street BIA

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Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group has become the voice for taxpayers.

Launched in October 2010, the Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group (MTAG) is a non-profit organization created to work with municipalities and related non-profit organizations across Canada to adopt public and private sector financial management best practices thereby creating value for taxpayer dollars. We are policy think tank working to also influence the federal government and provinces across Canada on issues like high value sole sourcing that also affects governance at the municipal level. Get involved and become a member today.



1. We need every available resource to address the rising health care costs of an aging population; the sole sourcing of Samsung Hydro, Presto and new Ontario gas plants is over $20 billion in direct and indirect multi-year costs.

2. We need to encourage the federal government or your province or city to adopt one or more of the 3 recommendations to solve the problem.

3. We need to provide a higher moral ground to promote ethics to the next generation, corrupt foreign governments and the perpetrators of gun crime for illicit financial gain. 



Comments by Community Leaders on OTAG Pierre Poilievre, MP, "applauded OTAG as a counter-balance to special interest groups which, he said, apply pressure on governments to spend more money on programs." Minister John Baird was on hand to deliver a short speech…"Any time you cut taxes and let people keep more of their hard-earned tax dollars, that's a good day".

Ottawa Citizen columnist Randall Denley “OTAG played a particularly important role...it found a political sweet spot. Mayor-elect Jim Watson picked up the no-new-money (any new project or service has to be paid for by an equivalent cut in an administration costs or an existing service) approach and outgoing Mayor Larry O'Brien championed the departmental budget freeze. Taxes will always be important in any municipal election, but OTAG kept the issue to the forefront and shaped the debate by offering achievable solutions to limit increases.


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